Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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The two main international airports in Morocco where all the participants to the General Assembly will be arriving and departing from are the Casablanca Airport through which the majority of the participants will be traveling, and Rabat Airport for the participants who are traveling from Paris.

From Casablanca airport

Rail transport is available from Casablanca Airport to Rabat and a meeting point will be designated within the Airport for participants to enable them at their arrival to collect their train tickets. A welcoming committee will also be at their disposal within the airport for any needed information.

There is a regular rail link connecting Casablanca Airport to the city of Rabat and information on the time schedules from the Airport to Rabat will be communicated in due course on the website. In the meantime, you can visit the National Railways (ONCF) website for more information on train schedules.

From Rabat airport

Transport by bus will be made available from the Airport which would transport all participants traveling through Rabat Airport to the hotels which they will be lodged at.

From the hotels to the conference centre

Buses will be made available at each hotel to transport participants to and from the conference centre. Time schedules will be communicated to all participants in due course.

Within the city of Rabat

For transportation within Rabat, if need be, participants have the options of using individual or collective taxis, or The Tramway. Collective taxis are available from all train stations and individual taximeters are also accessible at anytime within all areas of the city. However please take note that all expenses in this regard will be the sole responsibility of the participant.