Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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Participants selected to present a paper after the submission of an abstract will be covered to the extent of the means of CODESRIA. Guests taking part in the Assembly personally can benefit from preferential rates negotiated with the hotels.

Information note

Participants who will be covering the cost of their participation in the CODESRIA 13th General Assembly will find within this page, the information needed for registration and accommodation during the course of the Assembly. All other extra information one may need to know in regards to the General Assembly will be posted on this website during the course of the next few months. A second information sheet with further details will be sent out in due course to all participants who have registered for the Assembly.


The conference registration and documentation fee is 60 USD. These fees will be covered by CODESRIA for all its sponsored participants. Self-sponsored participants, however, must fill out the registration form- not later than 15 November 2011. They will be required to pay the conference registration and documentation fee of USD 60 either on submission of the form or on the first day of the General Assembly. A confirmation letter will be sent out to the participant after the completed form has been received. This completed form can be sent to the following email address: general.assembly@codesria.sn or faxed to: 221 33 824 12 89.

Documentation for the conference will be provided to all participants on the first day of the conference. Please note that any additional cost beyond registration and breakfast will be the responsibility of the participant.


Participants at the 13th General Assembly shall be accommodated at major hotels situated in Rabat (Please see details of hotels). Self-sponsored participants who wish to benefit from the preferential rates negotiated by CODESRIA, should indicate this on their registration form and be prepared to pay the required fees. The participant will be put in contact with the CODESRIA local correspondent in Rabat who will be responsible for making the bookings with the hotel chosen by the participant. All self sponsored participants will be required to settle their full accommodation bill before they check out from the hotel at the end of the meeting. Please note that rooms are booked on the basis of bed and breakfast.

Lunch and Coffee breaks

For self sponsored participants, meal coupons for lunch and two tea/coffee breaks will be charged at a cost of USD 60 per participant per day during the course of the conference.

Cultural activities and Conference Dinner

An evening official reception will be organized incorporating Dinner and Cultural activities. The price of the invitation card is USD 65, with the exception of participants sponsored by CODESRIA. We would like to encourage self sponsored participants to opt for these activities. Please note, however, that this is not compulsory.

Conference Registration and Documentation FeesCultural Activities and Dinner (optional)Lunch coupons + 2 Coffee/Tea breaks per day
USD 60
EUR 42
USD 65
EUR 45
USD 60
EUR 42

Accommodation Rates / Tarifs d’hébergement

N°.HOTELSPrice per night + breakfast
3 Hotel Rabat 1050 Dirhams*
4 Hotel Golden Tilup 1159,6 Dirhams

(*) 1$ USD = 8 Dirhams